Human Design Gates Cheat Sheet

Human Design is a relatively new system of personality analysis that combines elements from several ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary sciences. It incorporates aspects of astrology, the I Ching (an ancient Chinese divination text), Kabbalah (a form of Jewish mysticism), the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, and quantum physics.

The system posits that every person’s being is determined by a unique ‘design,’ which is a kind of blueprint that dictates how they interact with the world, make decisions, and fulfill their purpose. This design is said to be established at the moment of birth and provides a map, or a manual, for an individual’s life.

A Complete Guide to Human Design

Create Human Design Chart

Human Design is typically represented through a body graph that visually displays how different elements (such as channels, gates, and centers) are defined or undefined within a person. Each element has a specific significance:

  • Centers: There are nine centers in the Human Design body graph, representing different aspects of your personality and life, such as the mind, emotions, willpower, and identity.
  • Channels: The channels are connections between the centers, representing the flow of energy and information.
  • Gates: The gates are part of the channels and are associated with specific I Ching hexagrams.

The analysis often involves generating a personal Human Design chart using an individual’s birth data (time, date, and place of birth). This chart is said to offer insights into a person’s nature, including their strengths, potential challenges, and the strategies they should use to make decisions that are correct for them.

Human Design is often used for personal development, offering a way for individuals to understand themselves better and to make choices that align with their innate design. However, it’s important to note that Human Design is not a scientifically validated system; it is considered more of a spiritual or metaphysical approach and should be approached as such.

Gate Traditional Name Archetypal Name* Keywords* The Energy To…* Full Post
1 The Creative: Self- Expression Divine Creative creativity, surrendering to the highs and lows of creativity, and making marks connect with your natural creative cycles Gate 1
2 The Receptive: The Direction of the Self Receptive Feminine receiving, abundance, and authentic direction remain receptive to the abundance of life Gate 2
3 Difficulty at the Beginning: Ordering Sacred Fool taking leaps of faith, play, and transformation playfully create order out of chaos Gate 3
4 Youthful Folly: Formulization Forgiveness Decoder forgiveness, logical solutions, and possibility harness the healing power of forgiveness Gate 4
5 Waiting: Fixed Patterns Time Alchemist habits, routines, and expanding time create healthy habits, rhythms, and rituals Gate 5
6 Conflict: Friction Peacemaker creating inner peace, conflict resolution, and emotional empowerment use conflict as a gateway into peace Gate 6
7 The Army: The Role of Self in Interaction Wise Shephard offering guidance, empowerment, and mindful watching stay true to the highest vision for the collective Gate 7
8 Holding Together: Contribution Rebel with a Cause contribution, authenticity, and self-expression make a contribution by being radically authentic Gate 8
9 The Taming Power of the Small: Energy for Detail Details Whiz seeing the end result, focusing, and paying attention to details stay focused on the details that really matter Gate 9
10 Treading: The Behavior of the Self Self Love North Star self love, personal empowerment, and being an example be an example of radical self love Gate 10
11 Peace: Ideas Idea Factory inner contemplation, imagination, and visualization use imagination to the fullest capacity Gate 11
12 Standstill: Caution Fine Artist being poetic, artistic expression, and discernment express emotion through poetry and art Gate 12
13 The Fellowship of Man: The Listener Sounding Board listening with empathy, forgiveness, and being a keeper of secrets hold space and listen with empathy Gate 13
14 Possession in Great Measure: Power Skills Prosperity Lumen prosperity, dream work, and inspiration follow your dreams to create true prosperity Gate 14
15 Modesty: Extremes Wild Heart wildness, your personal rhythms, and radical authenticity march to the beat of your own drum Gate 15
16 Enthusiasm: Skills Mastery Maven talent, skill, enthusiasm, and your commitment to mastery devote yourself to the mastery of your craft Gate 16


Gate Traditional Name Archetypal Name* Keywords* The Energy To…* Full Post
17 Following Opinion Powerful Opinion your opinions, creating harmonious solutions, and logic create solutions with well- informed opinions Gate 17
18 Work on What Has Been Spoilt Correction Wholeness Doctor healing, wholeness, and clearly seeing see wholeness and healing potential in all things Gate 18
19 Approach Wanting Sensitive Soul sensitivity, being attuned to needs, and community empowerment be sensitive to the needs of others (without sacrificing yourself) Gate 19
20 Contemplation Now Voice of Alchemy contemplation, alchemy, and the present moment be present and speak truth in the now Gate 20
21 Biting Through: Hunter/Huntress Resource Manager control, taking charge, and managing resources understand value, and respect all resources Gate 21
22 Grace: Openness Graceful Gaze grace, beauty, and emotional understanding offer Grace to yourself and others Gate 22
23 Splitting Apart: Assimilation Alchemical Wordsmith words, speaking the truth, and transformation communicate radical ideas Gate 23
24 The Return: Rationalization Silent Mystic silence, wise rationalization, and mental renewal create transformation through silence Gate 24
25 Innocence: The Spirit of the Self Loving Soul Unconditional Love, acceptance, and open hearted living unconditionally love yourself and others Gate 25
26 The Taming Power of the Great: The Egoist Sacred Salesperson seeing a brighter future, selling, and integrity believe in an abundant future for everyone Gate 26
27 Nourishment: Caring Empowered Caretaker radical self-responsibility, caretaking, nurturing care for others from abundant overflow Gate 27
28 Preponderance of the Great: The Game Player Darkness Whisperer risk, shadow, and courage face the darkness in life with courage Gate 28
29 The Abysmal: Perseverance Faithful Devotee devotion, rapture, and tenacious commitment be devoted to the things that matter and that light you up Gate 29
30 The Clinging Fire: Feelings Deep Feeler feelings, desire, intensity, and emotions revel in the intensity of desire and emotion Gate 30
31 Influence: Leading Natural Leader leadership, collective Vision, being influential, and equanimity reverently lead others into a fair and just vision Gate 31
32 Duration: Continuity Success Oracle change, success and failure, and foresight sense and lead successful community change Gate 32
33 Retreat: Privacy Contemplative Witness contemplation, privacy, memories, and being wise contemplate and share lessons from the past Gate 33
34 The Power of the Great: Power Sovereign One sovereignty, empowerment, and steady vision harness power for the good of the collective Gate 34


Gate Traditional Name Archetypal Name* Keywords* The Energy To…* Full Post
35 Progress: Change Hungry Heart adventure, emotional experiences, and learning seek adventure and emotional experiences Gate 35
36 The Darkening of the Light: Crisis Compassionate Sage compassion, being HUMAN, gentleness, and emotional wisdom cultivate compassion for yourself and others Gate 36
37 The Family: Friendship Boundaries Master holding people together, family. equality, and emotional resources maintain clear and strong boundaries Gate 37
38 Opposition: Fighter Purposeful Fighter perseverance, making meaning, struggle, and being discerning fight for things that have meaning and purpose Gate 38
39 Obstruction: Provocation Sacred Provocateur being provocative, clarity, and being a force of transformation provoke others to step into self-responsibility Gate 39
40 Deliverance: Aloneness Liberated Altruist Service, Community Boundaries, Balance, Work and Rest balance your heart of service with your personal needs Gate 40
41 Decrease: Contraction Patient Dreamer hopes and dreams, felt experiences, transformation, and Divine Timing honor your hopes and dreams Gate 41
42 Increase: Growth Celebration Doula celebration, closing Loops, and seeing things through finish things and celebrate accomplishments Gate 42
43 Breakthrough: Insight Listener Within inner listening, self-awareness, breakthroughs listen to and trust your internal wisdom Gate 43
44 Coming to Meet: Alertness Pattern Interrupter seeing patterns, the past, transformation, and possibility practice forgiveness and learn from mistakes Gate 44
45 Gathering Together: The Gatherer Money Steward leadership, money, wellbeing, and the distribution of resources find the win-win in material matters (especially money) Gate 45
46 Pushing Upward: The Determination of the Self Embodiment Master body love, reveling in life, bliss, and embodiment enjoy being an embodied human being Gate 46
47 Oppression: Realization A-Ha Moment Master insights, realizations, a-ha moments, and waiting for clarity trust that the a-ha moment is on it’s way Gate 47
48 The Well: Depth Wisdom Well being wise, having depth, embodiment, and understanding being human explore the depth of life with curiosity Gate 48
49 Revolution: Principles Revolution Ringleader transformation, being a leader in relationships, and being revolutionary leads revolutions by living your principles Gate 49
50 The Cauldron: Values Tuning Fork values, harmony, and collective empowerment transform the frequency of your groups by living your values Gate 50


Gate Traditional Name Archetypal Name* Keywords* The Energy To…* Full Post
51 The Arousing: Shock Thunder Bolt shock, awakening, being powerful, and Unconditional Love have radical faith in life and awaken through shock Gate 51
52 Keeping Still (Mountain): Stillness Still Mountain stillness, concentration, ebbing, and flowing wait to take action until the time is right Gate 52
53 Development: Beginnings Spark of Alchemy initiating, navigating new beginnings, and seeing opportunities see all of life as an opportunity to grow Gate 53
54 The Marrying Maiden: Drive Prosperity Seeker ambition, material mastery, and spiritual growth create prosperity as a path to enlightenment Gate 54
55 Abundance: Spirit The Abundant Spirit abundance, faith, creativity, and the Fruitful Darkness surrender to creativity and abundance Gate 55
56 The Wanderer: Stimulation Wandering Storyteller stimulation, telling stories, delight, and personal empowerment tell stories from your many adventures Gate 56
57 The Gentle: Intuitive Clarity Lucid Intuitive intuition, instinct, clarity, and inner knowing trust your intuition Gate 57
58 The Joyous: Vitality Joy Junkie joy, transformation, and potential cultivate joy and contentment Gate 58
59 Dispersion: Sexuality Intimacy Catalyst vulnerability, honesty, and intimacy be honest and vulnerable Gate 59
60 Limitation: Acceptance Embodied Magician magic, limitation, embodiment, and the Laws of Nature use creativity to overcome obstacles Gate 60
61 Inner Truth: Mystery Divine Door mystery, seeking, inner Truth, and mysticism revel in the mystery or life Gate 61
62 The Preponderance of the Small: Details The Esoteric Translator piercing language, clarity, being a translator, and the organization of ideas communicate with clarity and precision Gate 62
63 After Completion: Doubt The Discerning Questioner doubt, discernment, patterns, and finding potential use doubt as a gateway into possibility Gate 63
64 Before Completion: Confusion The Imagination Station your imagination and creativity, confusion, and Illumination use imagination and creativity to transcend confusion Gate 64

Human Design Gates Cheat Sheet