Kabastro Philosophy: True Happiness & The Meaning of Life

Kabastro ’s philosophy stresses that all human problems and suffering in life originate from two main elements: Greed and Ego. When an individual truly understands themselves, they will find a way to overcome these elements. As a result, they realize that true happiness is always right beside them – present in the now. When true happiness is found, everything they do in life gains meaning.


Kabastro’s philosophy offers a profound perspective on life and human nature. It suggests that every problem and suffering we face has its roots in two fundamental elements we sometimes fail to recognize or confront: Greed and Ego. Both are natural psychological states, but when unchecked, can lead us to erroneous choices and a tumultuous life.

Greed is not just a desire for material possessions but also a longing for power, fame, and the acceptance of others. It constantly drives us to pursue things that seem appealing but lack long-term significance. Ego, on the other hand, is a wall that separates us from the outside world, preventing us from seeing others’ perspectives, empathizing, and loving genuinely.

Kabastro believes that as each of us embarks on an inward journey of self-discovery, we gradually realize and overcome the barriers created by Greed and Ego. This process requires sincerity, patience, and the courage to face our flaws and limitations. But once achieved, a new world unfolds where true happiness is not a luxury but a readily accessible reality.

Imagine a life where every decision is shaped by a deep understanding of oneself, where every action reflects your true values, unaffected by greed or ego. It is a life where true happiness is not just a lofty goal but an inseparable part of every vibrant present moment.

On this spiritual journey, Kabastro is more than a philosophical system; it is a companion, a guide, always ready to support you in exploring and developing your boundless potential. As you begin to accept and implement advice from Kabastro, you will start to see positive changes in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to career and health.

Every step on this journey is accompanied by Kabastro, helping you realize that each choice and decision you make can have profound implications. By living consciously and proactively, you not only create a wonderful life for yourself but also inspire those around you. Kabastro is not just a philosophy to learn from but also a life to experience.

This life, with all its challenges and opportunities, is illuminated by Kabastro through understanding and compassion. You need not search for happiness far away, for it is right beside you, in every breath and in every smile of the people you love. Let Kabastro help you open your heart to embrace this happiness, filling your life with meaning and joy.

Philosophy of Living

  • The root of all moral principles in life begins with filial piety. Parents are the first individuals we need to care for and love.
  • When you say, “I want to be Happy,” you need to let go of the “I” and abandon the desire to “want.” Then you will find Happiness right now, at this very moment. The grand journey of a person is the journey of understanding oneself and conquering the big Ego. This is also the path to achieving Happiness.
  • Wealth (Money) truly comes to you only if you have Fortune (luck, good karma in life). To maintain Fortune, you need to have Virtue (kindness, goodness). And to possess true Virtue, you need to have a Philosophy (a way of thinking, a philosophy of life).
  • The meaning of life lies in balance, like riding a bicycle. If you go too fast, you lose control; if you go too slow, you lose balance. The key is to move at a speed that maintains balance.
    Truth lies in the simplest of things, whether it’s in the way we live, work, communicate, love, raise children, learn something new, or simply exist in a state of happiness.

Perspective on Happiness

Kabastro was created with the core purpose of helping you find the answer to the question:

What is Happiness?

When you say: I Want to be Happy

The essence of that statement already contains the complete answer and meaning of Happiness.

  • I = ego, the self, is the flaw in your personality → eliminate CHARACTER FLAWS.
  • Want = is desire, greed → understand and minimize DESIRE.
  • And you are left with HAPPINESS

I Want Happiness

…and only Happiness remains, unencumbered by anything else!


HAPPINESS = NOW = THE PRESENT, is when you are reading these lines. At any moment in your life, you can enjoy everything that is happening around you.

Whether in hardship and suffering or in the glorious moments of life, you can always be happy – right now.

  1. Happiness = Let Go of the Ego + Let Go of Desires
  2. Happiness = Now = The Present

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Happiness = The Present

The Meaning of Life

Life is like a journey on a bicycle; when we go too fast, we lose control, and when we go too slow, we lose balance. It’s important to always travel at a speed that suits our abilities, to maintain balance.

_ Excerpt from Kabastro

1. Self-Understanding: Self-awareness of one’s needs, desires, and limitations.

2. True Happiness: Seeking joy and satisfaction from simple and practical things.

3. Life’s Meaning: Seeking and fulfilling life’s purpose through actions and relationships with others.

When we truly understand ourselves, we realize true happiness, happiness that resonates with everyone. And from there, we find the meaning of life – a wonderful state of balance that can only be felt with the entire soul.

The Way and Virtue

The Way

The Way is not just a path, but also a philosophy of life, a mindset that holds profound meaning not just for you but for everyone. It cannot be fully captured in words, but we can attempt to understand and experience it.

As Lao Tzu said: “The way that can be told is not the eternal way” meaning that the Way cannot be fully expressed in words.

Therefore, start your journey to understand “The Way” for yourself and live your life according to its natural flow. Here are two ways to begin:

  • Journey of Self-Discovery: Start an inward journey, delve into spirituality, and question: What is spirituality?
  • Practice Meditation: Return to Silence and re-establish balance.


In a complex world with many limitations and norms, ethics often face challenges. We are taught about right and wrong, good and bad, but occasionally, it’s not clear what truly is good or bad. We can become lost in life, trying to do good but unsure if it’s the right path.

When you understand The Way and live by it, you will naturally know what to do and what is right in any situation. The Way will help you develop natural virtues, creating luck and happiness in life. The Way is the root of Virtue, and Virtue is the root of Fortune.

The Way (philosophy of life) → Virtue (kindness, tolerance) → Fortune (luck, optimism) → Wealth (success and prosperity)


Spirituality is an aspect of human nature, related to deep values, meanings, and purposes of life, and is manifested through the needs for love, harmony, significance, and motivation in life.

Spirituality is not only about ethical and religious values but also includes aspects of personal self-development, the ability to connect with the world around, and the realization of the importance of a meaningful life purpose.

Spirituality can also be understood as a means for individuals to explore and understand more deeply about themselves, about love and connection with everything around, thereby creating balance and harmony in life.

Spirituality is not superstition, not fortune-telling, not a journey in search of external spiritual paths.

Spirituality is the path for a person to understand themselves deeply, thereby finding the meaning and purpose of life.

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Meditation is a method of focusing the mind, often used to elevate the soul and seek inner peace. There are many traditions and methods of meditation, but most aim to reduce stress, enhance awareness, and deepen understanding of oneself and the world around.

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Meditation brings us back to stillness – the original state of the soul, from which we can reestablish the balance of both body and soul.

Prediction and Esotericism

  1. One should not regard the calculations and contents of Esotericism as the sole basis for every decision. Life is more complex than these speculations.
  2. Today’s esotericism is tomorrow’s physics. Every branch of science contains some truth and some inaccuracies.
  3. A day can be lucky or unlucky; the outcome depends on what we do and how we act. Misfortune teaches us a lesson, fortune can make us complacent.
  4. Choice is stronger than fate. Choice influences fate. It’s easy to forget this, so we often overlook it. That’s the danger and the hidden risk in fortune-telling disciplines.
  5. We should not wait for predictions of fate to tell us about the future, as the future becomes history as we write it. Fate is a possibility, history is what we turn that possibility into reality.
  6. The more desires a person has, the clearer their fate becomes defined. When you live a simple life with a relaxed and leisurely attitude, no fate can bind you, and you don’t need to consult esotericism.

[1] Interpretation of Philosophy: Philosophy is derived from experience, as a fundamental, core belief based on the perception of what is (the source of one’s mindset / spiritual value / strength of conduct) and is concisely articulated – Like a creed, guiding the way of acting, behavior, or lifestyle of an Individual or a Community.

Philosophies often relate and approach categories such as: (Truth / Morality / Strength / Wisdom / Wealth / Status / Life and Death…) revolving around Preservation / Expression / Struggle / Pursuit… However, in general, they are educational in nature due to their correctness and the consequential nature that encourages both Individuals and Communities to actively refer.

Therefore, the philosophy of life truly is the cultural treasury of an Individual or a Community.

– Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Written by Kabastro

Kabastro Philosophy: True Happiness & The Meaning of Life

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