How to Read a KabAstro’s Matrix Destiny Chart?

Designed to be both straightforward and accessible, Matrix Destiny welcomes all seekers with open arms. Let Kabala be your trusted companion as we delve into the art of deciphering your destiny matrix with precision and clarity. Together, we’ll explore the diverse realms nestled within the matrix’s embrace. Here is our our comprehensive beginner’s guide to decoding the Matrix Destiny Chart from A to Z:
1. Let’s start with the center of the matrix, representing your major card. This card connects to all other parts of the matrix and influences many aspects of your life. It reflects the comfort of your soul and reveals what you need to do to feel satisfied. This area is also related to the manipura chakra, focusing on specific actions you need to take in life to find comfort. Remember, this your core card.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
2. Next, we have the “portrait area”, which is also very important. It’s like a rising sign in astrology and represents how you appear to others. If you want to make a good impression on someone, you should adjust your actions and image according to this card. This area corresponds to your material existence and the crown chakra, related to inspiration. It helps you discover which aspects of life can inspire you and give you a sense of purpose.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
3. Another important area in our destiny matrix is Past Lives. It contains burdens from your past lives and influences your weakest traits. This area provides opportunities for personal growth and development. Working on these aspects is essential; otherwise, you may face repeated challenges and find it difficult to achieve happiness. By analyzing the cards in this area, we can make educated guesses about who you were in past lives and the challenges and mistakes you faced.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
4. Now let’s move on to the relationship area. You’ll notice its connection to Past Lives, as these two areas often significantly influence each other. If your Past Lives are negative, it can lead to issues in your relationships. This area reveals deep insights into your ideal soulmate in a positive sense and highlights potential difficulties in negative relationships. Before starting a new relationship, try to align your life with the positive traits of the cards in this area. The central card in this area has a 50% influence on your relationships.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
5. “Money, money, money!” This area revolves around your financial flow. It provides guidance on how to attract wealth, manage finances wisely, and develop the right mindset for success. While it doesn’t determine your specific career, it offers insights into behaviors that can improve your financial situation. The central card in this area also holds a 50% influence on your financial flow, with the other two cards contributing 25% each.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
6. Lastly, we have the talent and inspiration area. This area reveals your untapped talents, often not explored. It represents the positive aspects you carry from past lives, showcasing what you’re naturally good at.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix?
Well done, we’ve covered half the journey 🙂
Some people on the Internet refer to the destiny matrix (matrix of destiny) as a numerological method, but that’s not entirely accurate. While we observe numbers in the matrix chart, how we interpret it is quite different. A more appropriate term for it is a “destiny” method, which may take some time for many to become familiar with. However, understanding the values of this method can be helpful.
What is Karma? Karma refers to action. Karma is a concept about action, work, or deed, along with its consequences. In Indian religions, it specifically refers to the principle of causality, where an individual’s intentions and actions influence their future. Good intentions and deeds contribute to good karma and lead to favorable rebirths, while bad intentions and deeds contribute to bad karma and lead to unfavorable rebirths. Some scriptures even suggest that rebirth is not necessarily connected to karma.
Now that we have a better understanding of this matrix, it helps us identify which actions will positively impact our lives and which ones to avoid. If you’re seeking a satisfying relationship, the matrix can guide you on specific actions. If you want to feel more positive in this world, it can show you the steps to take. If you desire financial wealth, the matrix can help you identify the most suitable actions for you. Essentially, the matrix is a practical tool to improve your life, but it requires individuals willing to take action.
Explore various areas in your destiny or fate matrix. There are three main purposes in the destiny matrix!
The first purpose focuses on the first 40 years of your life. During this stage, learning as much as possible and accumulating valuable experiences is important. Familiarize yourself with the influences of the cards in your life and try to turn them into the highest positive manifestations. This stage prepares you for the next chapter of your life.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix chart? (Part 2)
The second purpose revolves around social interaction after the age of 40. If you have successfully completed the first purpose, you transition to the stage of social contribution. However, if you deviate and fail to accumulate necessary experiences, you may encounter personal crises, lack of goals, motivation, and values. In the stage of social interaction, you become truly useful to the world and others through your experiences and knowledge. Others will seek professional advice and support from you, not only in material aspects but also on a spiritual level. This is the time for you to give back and create positive impact in the world.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix chart? (Part 2)
Although both purposes can be completed and initiated before the age of 40, this timeframe is the average for most people.
The general purpose highlights the main theme you need to work on throughout your life to experience satisfaction and avoid despair after turning 60. This section shows the benefits or drawbacks arising from that stage onwards.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix chart? (Part 2)
In addition, the matrix includes male and female lines, which you can explore once you have mastered your key individual points in the matrix. These lines reveal karmic debts and inherited talents from your lineage, not only from your parents but from all the men and women in your family tree.
r/destinymatrix - How to read your personal destiny matrix chart? (Part 2)
Understanding and exploring these aspects of the matrix can provide a profound insight into your life journey and help you navigate towards a more fulfilling life.
Interpreting your personal destiny matrix will provide deep insights into various aspects of your life, including love, talent, personality, karmic debts, and purpose. Consider it a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through life’s journey. As an expert in this method, I can provide you with the detailed information you need. Feel free to send me a direct message to learn more.

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